In this video, I show you a way I have found to start even the most reluctant lawn mower, string trimmer, edger, blower, even motorcycle or boat engine, including those that have been sitting unattended years.

If you’ve ever been frustrated, or gotten exhausted by trying to start one of these small engines, if you’ve ever given up and taken the engine to a repair shop, only to be stuck for a couple hundred bucks in parts and labor, YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS VIDEO first!

Affiliate link for the petrochemical used in this video:
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Video from Briggs & Stratton on how to Check Clean, and Replace a Lawn Mower Spark Plug:

Wikipedia list of gasoline additives (yipes!):

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Most links below are affiliate links – they don’t cost you any more but go to help support our channel – not a lot, but some. Items marked with * were used in making this video.

* Zoom H1n digital recorder:
* Rode Smartlav:
I now use this combination to get outstanding audio, which I then sync in post to the videos.

Blue Yeti:
This is my choice for when I record screencast tutorials; it records the voice directly into the screen recording.

* Sony AX700:
I use a camcorder instead of a DSLR because I often record live shows of more than an hour, and a DSLR has a 30-minute shoot limit. The camcorder does not.

Sony CX260:
This is a VERY LIGHTWEIGHT camera – less than 1 pound (my version is a 2011 model PJ260V) – that still shoots great HD video. This is the camera I carry when on vacation with my family because of how lightweight and easy it is to carry all day long. It takes great stills as well as video.

GoPro Hero6 Black:
Super tiny portable, with HD and wide-angle lens. Great for those crazy-angle shots you can’t get any other way.

* iPhone 8+ –
This has amazing video capabilities, especially when paired with the next item.

Zhiyun Smooth 4 Gimbal for iPhone:
The iPhone 8+ BARELY fits into this, but it provides no-screen-touch controls for zoom, focus, frame rate, and much more. If you have an iPhone NOT a plus model, it should work even better. If you know of a better gimbal for a larger smartphone like the 8+, please let me know.

* Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve (free)
Adobe Premiere Pro (not free)
* Camtasia (latest version):
* Audacity (free)
* Irfanview (free)
* Magix Xara Designer Pro X ($299)

Background Music: The Entertainer by Scott Joplin, performed by E’s Jammy Jams, Courtesy of YouTube Creator Studio