This video shows how to repair a damaged tire on a riding lawn mower. If you have small object embedded in the tread of your tire, you can often repair it with tire sealant. We’ll show you which types of damage you can repair with sealant and walk you through the process.

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Hi, Wayne here from Sears PartsDirect. Today we’re going to talk about repairing a flat tire on a riding lawn mower. When there’s a hole or impaled object in the tread of a tire, you can often fix the tire with tire sealant. We’ll show you how to use tire sealant to fix a flat so you can get back to mowing. You know where the tire leak is if you see a nail, screw or other object stuck in the tire. Don’t pull the object out before inserting the tire sealant. Otherwise, the sealant may not seal the hole. If you don’t know where the leak is, put air in the tire and spray soapy water on the tire. The leaking air makes bubbles in the soapy solution. If you find the leak in the tread area, you can use the sealant to fix the leak. You can’t use sealant to fix holes in the tire sidewall. Replace the tire if you find the leak here. Now, let’s put in the sealant. Wear work gloves and eye protection when repairing the tire. Check the chart on the sealant bottle to determine how much sealant to use for the size of tire you’re fixing. This tire needs 16 ounces of sealant. Rotate the wheel so the valve stem is at the 5 o-clock position. Remove the cap and valve stem core from the tire. Open the sealant bottle and connect the hose that comes with the sealant to the bottle tip. Connect the other end of the hose to the tire’s valve stem. Squeeze the bottle and inject the right amount of sealant into the tire. Disconnect the hose from the valve stem and wipe off any sealant residue. Reinstall the valve stem core. Fill the tire with air to the recommended pressure and reinstall the valve cap. If an object is stuck in the tire, pull the object out now. Drive the mower for 3 to 5 minutes to evenly distribute the sealant inside the tire. If the sealant doesn’t fix the leak, or the hole is in the tire’s sidewall, replace the tire as shown in this video. On some tires, you can install an inner tube instead of replacing the tire. That’s it. Once you fix the tire, you can get back to mowing. I hope this video helps you out. You can find links to the products we talked about in the video description below. Check our other videos here on the Sears PartsDirect YouTube channel. Subscribe and we’ll let you know when we post new ones.